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DJ Portia

DJ Portia SA, resident DJ at club Galaxy/West End and also on Dr's in the house on Goodhope Fm hosted by Dr Jules Friday's at 20.30 pm.

Born and bred Capetonian Portia Mackenzie, better known as “DJ Portia” grew up on the vibrant street of Mitchell’s Plain. Inspired by her Father, a former DJ, Portia grew up with a music filled household and a family who supported her thirst to be a part of the DJ world.

Her first encounter with mixing was when her brother gave her a computerized DJ program. Portia immediately devoted herself to the craft on a daily basis and built up the passion that is seen now.



DJ Portia did her debut set in 2006 at Club Galaxy (CT’s first and only Super club at the time). Portia started playing in one of their rooms with Clint Supreme who showed her the ropes.

Gradually and deservedly Portia made her way to Westend and finally graduated to the decks in the main arena at the Galaxy.

Portia is still a resident DJ at The Galaxy with Dr. Jules who has inspired and further nurtured her natural ability to set the dance floor alight.

Portia displays loyalty and commitment to every task she undertakes, she connects with the music, thus connecting to your patrons.

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